About me

Startup success is a three-legged stool!

PROFESSOR – I am a professor of entrepreneurship in San Luis Obispo, California, at Cal Poly – an optimal gig at this point. In this role, I teach students about entrepreneurship and help them in their earliest startup stages.

PSYCHOLOGY PH.D. – yes this helps a great deal in working with CEOs!

ENTREPRENEUR – I have been there and done that.

COACH – I coach (mostly first-time) CEOs in growing startups, focusing on raising money, leadership, and strategic decisions.

My vital statistics, for those so inclined are:

Lives: San Luis Obispo, CA

Born: Columbus, Ohio

Writes and throws: Right handed

Types: Miserably, thanks to a wonderful/horrible classic education (always blame the teacher or the system . . .)

Educated: Yale/Michigan State

For the full monty bio:

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