My teaching

I teach a variety of courses in entrepreneurship at Cal Poly, including:

  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship –  Our goal here is to gain an appreciation for the entrepreneurial journey through cases and hands-on work, but not by writing a business plan! Instead, the students, working in interdisciplinary teams, create a portfolio of planning exercises intended to help them get at the roots of opportunity analysis and business startup issues – customers, pricing, sales channels, etc.
  • Entrepreneurial Finance –  Our goal in this course is to be able to distinguish the types of financial analysis an entrepreneur needs, to understand how growth businesses are financed, from bootstrapping to VC, and to get a rudimentary appreciation of valuation and exits.
  • Planning and Managing New Ventures – the capstone course for business students who are “majoring” in entrepreneurship.  This is the  most hands-on course of all, where we create a business together and learn accountability!
  • Entrepreneurship and New Venture Management – an elective for the MBA program

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